Rental space & premises

The initial success of a company and intermediate steps during the growth phase are ideally realised in leased premises.

The take-off GewerbePark (Business Park) also offers options for this target group which far exceed that provided as a standard by commercial real estate.

This frequently represents a versatile, flexible and affordable option for processing firms, logistics providers, web designers or consultants.

  • Rental units ranging from 120 m² to 500 m² with the latest technical facilities and including offices, workshop and storage areas
  • Individual office premises for start-ups and young entrepreneurs
  • Paved open spaces

Companies can present themselves to visitors and customers in a setting that signals their success, professional integrity and creativity. 

A business location in Area UDIFEK is of particular value, with companies congregating in a campus-like atmosphere that value an environment which contributes to innovation, creativity, communication and, consequently, to business success.

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